Artifact Retrieval and Monster Elimination Department

Goblins, Traitors and Ogres OH MY

On a dark moonless night the tale of our adventurers begin. It all started with a aqua-skinned woman and a hole in the ground. Lythna had been wandering the forests, searching for firewood to help warm her fellow companions, when she stumbled down a perilous ravine.

Her companions who were also wandering the woods for supplies heard a loud scream then silence. After several minutes they were able to find the whole in which they found their poor companion knocked unconcious. She appeared to twitch every so often as if suffering a disturbing nightmare of events.

Working together they quickly got a rope down and awoke there fallen comrade. Upon further searching they found a buried corpse who was not as lucky in his fall as Lythna. Being the rambunctious group that they are, they quickly scavenged the body of the poor dead man leaving him in nothing more then tattered underpants. Adiah felt the burden of his god upon his soul gave the man his final rites to give the dead man’s soul some sense of peace in the afterlife.

Back at the camp the adventurers quickly got the fire going and enjoyed a hearty meal. It was made all the better when one of the dwarven adventurers brought back a mighty buck for his companions to enjoy.

As the night passed strange occurrences occurred throughout the camp. Varysh made friends with a squirrel, possibly demonic in origin. Ember and Demetor stumbled through the bushes trying to peer in on there commanders tent. One would expect that from the shifty woman but Demetor’s peering eyes leave some question in the mind of the captain.

In the morning the main group heads off to a forgotten temple where it is said powerful relics await those brave enough to enter. The rest of the group breathes a sigh of relief as the annoyingly bright and chipper wizard joins the group and they can finally have some peace and silence.

However, the silence is broken when a loud explosion is heard off in the distance. Varysh, Adiah and Everin head off to investigate. They stumble upon a group of goblin sappers at the remains of what used to be some type of camp. Little of the original camp remains in the smoldering ruins.

Everin’s twitchy fingers unleash a crossbow bold at the unsuspecting goblins, alerting their pressence to the group. However, Everin and Adiah quickly hide behind trees leaving poor Varysh out in the open. The goblins charge forth.

Not wanting to leave there poor comrade alone at the hands of these goblins, Adiah and Everin leap out at the last second to intercept the oncoming attackers. Renewed by his companions aid, Varysh unleashes a vicious counterattack against the goblins.

The fight lasted only a few seconds. Unfortunately two goblin sappers appeared charging the party as the last few goblins were going down. One of the sappers was successfully taken out before getting into range with his mighty explosive. The other sapper was more fortunate in his endeavor.

The firey blast consumed Varysh and Adiah in flames, as well as the last of the goblins. Everin bowed his head in silence only to be surprised by the resilience of his allies. Out of the smoke and fire walked out Varysh and Adiah. Relieved at their survival the three begin searching the camp for clues for the attack.

Meanwhile back at the camp, after hearing the second explosion Demetor and Ember decided it was time for themselves to go searching for the others. After several minutes of running they came upon the camp where they could see a bird, an elf and a deva stuffing weapons and loots into there bags.

After several awkward moments of silence and a few “of course we were going to share it with you”, one of the female members of the group from the morning stumbled out from the forest. Her words were strained from the wounds she had over her body. She informed the group that he party had been ambushed at the temple and were all taken captive.

Looking towards the north the party prepared to go find their missing comrades.

Will write more later.

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