Elf/Shadowy Nightmare of Feathers and Sharp Bits.


Varysh looks like an elf of average build, with unkempt dark hair and golden-hued eyes. Well, that’s what he looks like some of the time.

Barring formal occasions or when he feels compelled to speak, Varysh looks like a bear-shaped shadowy mass of feathers, talons, and beak. He has a disturbing tendency to make the transition between forms when no one is looking, and he does so quite rapidly.

Varysh is inquisitive, asinine, sarcastic, and easily bored. Not a pleasant combination in interactive form, but very comical when he assumes the form of The Primal Beast. Is prone to drunkenness and fits of pique. Small animals are known to go missing in his presence. Does not like prepared food.

STR: 12 Fort
CON: 12
DEX: 18 Ref
INT: 10
WIS: 18 Will
CHA: 8



Varysh was born a considerable time ago, he himself doesn’t really know or really care how long. The race of elves split off from the eladrin in the distant past, finding eladrin society too rigid for their liking. Something similar has happened to Varysh. Born with a form of communion with the natural world, he was treated differently than most elves, and immense pressure was placed on him as he was groomed for an important roll in society. Eventually, to the temporary delight of his mentors, he mastered the art of shapeshifting.

Soon after, it became apparent that Varysh had no interest fulfilling a prominent roll in the elven society. Eventually, his mentors got tired of being bitten, and gave up on him. For his part, Varysh immensely enjoyed the freedom allowed to him to act as a solitary animal.

As time went by, Varysh spent the years wandering the wilderness abroad. Occasionally he returned to his former home, but never stayed for long. Pets had a tendency to go missing when he was around. One year he was caught in a mountainous region during a particularly fell dire winter. Opting to hibernate, Varysh spent a considerable amount of time in intersomnial bliss. Awakening an indefinite period of time later, he ambled towards his former home, only to discover it gone.

Since this time, he has been romping around and being a general nuisance. He has fallen in with the company of Lorian’s Gale for a multitude of small reasons that could be much debated if any were interested. Maybe he seeks to test his mettle against fell dire beasts. Maybe the half-elf offers a clue to the fate of his people. Maybe, after a multitude of years, Varysh is attempting to find a balance between his beloved freedom and society.


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